suwaowa: Publishing Google docs to your blog


ともあれgoogle docs→bloggerは問題なく投稿できた。

Publishing Google docs to your blog


Once you have a document you want to post to your blog, click on the Publish tab in the far right-hand side of the Google doc, and you will see the option to Publish to Blog.

You will first need to setup the details of your blog so that it can be published seamlessly. You will need to specify if you have a service hosted blog (like, blogger, etc.) or whether you host it yourself.

After that, you will have a very clean document published right into a blog post, like this one here. Amazing, and for all those interested this was tested on a WPMu blog installation and it works beautifully. I can’t think of an easier way to publish those college essays you are writing for class to avoid all those pesky printer problems